With partners and friends, Trace Kenya has supported the documentation of organizations working to counter trafficking in Kenya and Tanzania; thus supporting the work of our partners, Consolation Africa, since 2008. Trace Kenya hopes to support the capacity building of these partners as well as sensitize communities on trafficking in Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi and Kwale districts. 

Partners and networks include: The Kuimirira CBO, Operation Lifeline Msambweni OLM, Teens watch (Kwale - Msambweni district), COPDEC (Taveta district), Mariakani Girls Centre (Kilifi - Kaloleni district), Kipawa Art Project (Mombasa district), and Furaha Phonix (Kilifi district).

At the national level, Trace Kenya is a member of the Provincial Child Rights Network (PCRN), The Coalition for the Promotion and Development of the Child (COPDEC) and ElimuYetu Coalition (EYC).


How you can Help


COUNSELLING: Trace Kenya accepts financial as well as donations in kind to meet its work in COUNSELING services for rescued children and youth from human trafficking and exploitative circumstances.

LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE: We facilitate resource centers in Mombasa and Mtwapa and will be happy to get stock for our LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTERS.  We also support school related costs such as fees, uniforms, and learning materials. You can partner with us to keep children safe from child traffickers.

SANITARY TOWELS: We support girl children in complementary schools in with SANITARY TOWELS

BUSINESS START UP KITS: We support returnees/survivors of human trafficking to get into business and enterprise through trainings, start-up capital and in some cases tools such as sewing machines, and elementary electronic and mechanical repair kits.

OUTREACH PROGRAMS: including talks and awareness trainings; youth partners’ theatre groups for public communication, IEC materials for public communication and awareness programs, materials for civic education and governance programs.



We support INTERNSHIP, targeting colleges and universities for a period of three months.

We also seek mentors for our youth and children and call for partnership for business people and entrepreneurs to support mentorship programs in schools and out of school youth.  We value this partnership.



You may volunteer information to counter trafficking of children or youth and we shall make referrals to relevant authorities as we protect both you and the victims.



We encourage schools, colleges, churches, mosques, groups, companies, institutions and even families to call on us for a speaker on human trafficking, its, forms, magnitude and effects on the community.


Tel: +254 700700924 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In the last one year (Since January 2015) Trace Kenya has made the following achievements:

  • At least 104 children and young people have been rescued and reintegrated with families from sexual exploitation, and forced labour from Middle East, Mombasa, Tana River and Kwale counties. Some of these have been Tanzanians and Ugandans.
  • Trace Kenya has supported 120 children in education through mentorship, education packs, and direct school fees payments in Mombasa, Taita Taveta, Kwale, Kilifi and Tana River counties
  • More than 9000 community members have been made aware of the scourge of human trafficking through workshops, local radio FMs, publicity materials and social media.
  • 15 young people have been taken through counselling, peer to peer psychosocial support and direct assistance to reorient themselves following rescue from trafficking for forced labour abroad.
  • Three local, county and national networks have been strengthened combat human trafficking in Mombasa, the coast region and nationally respectively, in which Trace Kenya has participated very visibly and made presentations authoritatively. Trace Kenya is the eastern Africa focal point for RISE, a global south network on Learning and Sharing Rescue and Reintegration information centre on child sexual exploitation, based in Accra Ghana.

Trace Kenya works in the coastal region of Kenya - Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale counties with outreach projects in TaitaTaveta, Tana River and Nairobi Counties.


Who we work with

Trace Kenya works through linkages with partners in countering human trafficking and children exploitation in the coast region through the Pwani Children Rights Network (PCRN) and Grassroots organizations combating human trafficking across the country. Trace Kenya is a member of ElimuYetu Coalition (EYC) a national network on education policy; the Counter trafficking in Persons network (CTN), incorporating organizations working in the Forced Migration sub-sector under the auspices of International Rescue Committeeand the Kenya Peace Network (KPN), incorporating 16 organizations working for peace building.


At the community level, Trace Kenya works with Safe Community Youth Initiative (SCYI in Kilifi County to reach out to the youth on governance and ECOSOC rights issues.In Mombasa, Trace Kenya works with Kisauni Community Development Initiative (KICODEP) to support access to library services by children from informal settlements, with Tunaweza Women with Disability CBO, to facilitate empowerment for economic development by Women PWDs, with KumbiKumbi Group, Trace Kenya supports economic empowerment of women headed households; with 16 informal schools, and the Department of children services, Trace Kenya supports retention of children in school, mentorship and basic school packs for children from very difficult urban informal settlements/circumstances.


Trace Kenya Counter Trafficking in Persons programs cut across all the regions of our work.


Communities, institutions and partners & networks form a crucial referral link for Trace Kenya

Governance Structures

This is described in the basic Venn diagram above.


Governance Structures

Trace Kenya is still a considerably small organization with three board members and two designate board members. The secretariat is manned by a team of seven comprising of the Executive Director, two Program Officers, An Accounts Officer and three Program Assistants. Trace Kenya has a team of volunteers who assist in managing the Victims of Trafficking program comprising of 8 active members. For the street connected children and youth there is a team of peer leaders comprising of five volunteers. At the secretariat, Trace Kenya works closely with a youth and children organization as it does across the other counties as well to reach grassroots constitutents.