With partners and friends, Trace Kenya has supported the documentation of organizations working to counter trafficking in Kenya and Tanzania; thus supporting the work of our partners, Consolation Africa, since 2008. Trace Kenya hopes to support the capacity building of these partners as well as sensitize communities on trafficking in Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi and Kwale districts. 

Partners and networks include: The Kuimirira CBO, Operation Lifeline Msambweni OLM, Teens watch (Kwale - Msambweni district), COPDEC (Taveta district), Mariakani Girls Centre (Kilifi - Kaloleni district), Kipawa Art Project (Mombasa district), and Furaha Phonix (Kilifi district).

At the national level, Trace Kenya is a member of the Provincial Child Rights Network (PCRN), The Coalition for the Promotion and Development of the Child (COPDEC) and ElimuYetu Coalition (EYC).