We firmly believe in preventing human trafficking by reaching out to the most vulnerable among us and by engaging duty bearers and protection instruments in sensitive localities. We must address the root causes of modern day slavery, that is employment options, deceptive networks, and the criminal business of human trafficking that preys on the hopes of vulnerable people. By facing this problem head on and becoming informed, we can all assist in preventing individuals from becoming victims of trafficking.

World Day Against Trafficking Public Awareness Raising Event

Establishing a Dialogue on The Realities of Human Trafficking in Kenya

In observance of World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2018, Trace Kenya is partnering with the Better Migration Management Programme to establish a dialogue on the realities of Human Trafficking in Kenya. This event will provide a public platform for citizens to engage at the grassroots level with counter trafficking organizations, get information on preventing human trafficking in their communities and learn how to collaborate to assist victims of human trafficking. BMM is financed by the European Union and Germany.

 Event Activities


Public Procession - Chief's Camp, Mvita

The event will kick off in Mvita at the Chief’s Camp at 9am on 30 July 2018; with a public procession led by the Swahili Troupe Simba Ropa to the heart of the city: Koblenz Hall.

Main Event - Koblenz Hall, Mombasa

At Koblenz Hall, there will be presentations by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS), Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), Kenya Union of Domestic, Educational Institutions, Hotels and Associates KUDHEIHA, Kituo Cha Sheria, Solidarity with Girls in Distress (SOLGIDI) and other stakeholders.

Information Tents

Information tents on working safely abroad and the hard work of counter trafficking CSOs will be provided.


Awards will be given to those who have acted to protect and assist victims of trafficking.


Refreshments and entertainment will be provided throughout the day.

Come join us in raising our voices against this human trafficking and help us strive towards a society that provides credible employment options here and abroad, can recognize and assist victims of trafficking, and safeguards the welfare of all individuals.



Other World Day Against Trafficking Events

2nd July, 2018 CSO Forum on the ‘Protection of Victims of Trafficking and Vulnerable Migrants’  Tamarind Tree Hotel, Nairobi
5th July, 2018 Free as a Human Fashion Show  Tribe Hotel, Nairobi
25th July, 2018 Women’s Forum (IOM) Mombasa
26th July, 2018 Football match (IOM) Kilifi
28th July, 2018 Talent show (IOM) Kwale
28th July, 2018 County event in Makueni (KNCHR) Makueni
30th July, 2018 Launch of Coastal Report on Human Trafficking (IOM)  Mombasa
30th July, 2018 Regional Round Table on Trafficking Protocols (UNODC) Gigiri, Nairobi
30th July, 2018 Public Awareness Raising Event (GIZ/Trace) Koblenz Hall, Mombasa