1. Paul Adhoch (Founder/Executive Director)

Paul has over 20 years work experience in the children sub-sector. He has a background in social development studies, business management, Human Resources and Community development. Paul is a policy analyst, a social development practitioner and management practitioner.


2. Patrick Ochieng (Chair Person)

Patrick is a civil society member since 1996, managing an NGO in Mombasa. He acts as the technical advisor on NGO management and Policy matters for Trace Kenya and is the current serving chair. Patrick has experience in communication, social change training, activism and consultancy.


3. Amina Abdalla (Member)

Amina is based in Lamu district. She is a member of the board of Trace Kenya with very deep experience on education, specifically Early Childhood Education (ECD). She is also an expert on gender issues. Amina is an alumnus of Kampala University, with a degree in Education.


4. Millicent Achieng (Member)

Millicent is a business lady, a philanthropist and social worker. She has a background in the hospitality industry and offers advice on tourism, the entertainment industry and related matters.


5. Eric Odongo (Member)

A member of the board, Eric is based in Nairobi, where he works as a social worker and a social activist. Eric has a background in management and social work.


6. James Osome

James is an expert on rehabilitation of street children. James teaches guidance and counseling; drugs and substance rehabilitation and management of children homes. He is also the manager of Furaha Phonix Home in Bomani, Kilifi district.