Trace Kenya works in Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi districts, Coast Province- Kenya. 


1.0 Policy Advocacy Programs

1.1. Counter trafficking Project (2010)

Besides lobbying and advocating for policy change at the national level, Trace Kenya works with community based organizations in Mombasa, Mariakani, Ukunda and Mtwapa to mobilize, advocate, sensitize and build capacity of community embers and organizations on counter trafficking. This is an ongoing program. Currently the Counter Trafficking Bill 2010 has just gone through the third reading in parliament (Thursday 15th. July 2010), and is awaiting presidential assent to become law. Trace Kenya participated in the development of the documentary that helped highlight the issues on trafficking with The Cradle. This documentary was aired widely in the Kenyan electronic media.


1.2. Education Policies (since 2006)

On education policy, Trace Kenya is a member of the national education policy advocates, the Elimu Yetu Coalition (EYC). Trace Kenya is also a member of the Coalition for the Promotion and Development of the Child (COPDEC), an Early Childhood Development (ECD) network and a member of the EYC - ECD thematic arm. The Trace Kenya Executive Director was the founder member and coordinator of COPDEC for four years and remains the ECD policy advocacy advisor for the network.


2.0 Child Rights Programs

2.1. Counter Trafficking work

Trace Kenya has been able to rescue, and support the reunification of trafficked children with their families in Mombasa, and Ukunda since 2006. The latest case happened in June 2010. With partners, Trace Kenya supports the education, rehabilitation and counseling of the children rescued from trafficking, abuse, neglect, or abandonment in Kwale and Mombasa. 

2.2. Sexual and labor exploitation (2010)

In Mtwapa, (Kilifi district) cases of trafficking for child labor, child prostitution, domestic servitude, and sexual exploitation are rife. Trace Kenya works with partners based in Bomani, Kikambala, to ensure the elimination of child labor and sexual exploitation of children in Kilifi district. 

2.3 Children with Disability (2010)

In partnership with Special Needs Empowerment Program (SNEP) International coast region, Trace Kenya is at the centre of seeking solutions to the issues affecting persons with disabilities and street children beggars in Mombasa. Two programs, one on governance and youth empowerment and another on the beggar issues have been designed. The Empowerment program commences July 2010.


2.4 Street Family Project (2010)

Mombasa has close to 16,000 street children (as at 2006). Some of these children are in the street as a result of being victims of trafficking and are indeed vulnerable to trafficking for sexual exploitation, especially sodomy for the bys. In partnership with Furaha Phonix Home, Trace Kenya is actively participating in identifying and seeking solution to this social problem in Mombasa.


3.0 Youth Empowerment Programs


3.1 Youth Empowerment program (2010)

Trace Kenya with support of partners has been undertaking governance, leadership and community youth empowerment programs in Mombasa and Kilifi districts. The youth have learned resource mobilization skills, participation in political leadership, talks on leadership and mentoring and received information on human trafficking