1 The Kinango Girl Child Mentoring Project (2007 - 2009)

The Kinango Girl Child Mentoring Project was a pilot project that sought to prevent the trafficking of girls into Mombasa and other urban centers for domestic servitude (ayah, maids, mboch), and other exploitative circumstances. Fifty (50) girls from Mwache area in Kinango district in classes 6 – 8 were mentored by a teacher dubbed Trace Marshal for three years 2007 -2009, to encourage them go through school and complete the school cycle. This project served both the educational and social development of the girls. Only one girl failed to complete the cycle.

The girls are currently in various secondary schools, form one to four, in coast region.


2 The Kipawa Art Project (2008 - 2009)

The Kipawa Art project covered two years with the objective of supporting artistic skills of young people in Mombasa. Six young persons participated in the project, with three emerging as good artists. The project culminated with an art exhibition at the Alliance Francaise – Mombasa. The Art teacher also got recognized for his good work and his profile was greatly enhanced. 

The biggest lesson learned was that art is a talent, and not every young person can take it up as a profession. Trace Kenya noted, however, that many young people were willing to take up anything positive and many gave it a try.